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Bug: Multisample Sound "remembering" sample names no longer present

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I designed a Sound as an example for others to copy and modify, by replacing the samples listed in the 16 Multisample sounds with their own choices.

However, when compiling the copied and modified Sounds, the VCS still shows the original sample names. In fact, it shows "ghosts" as well. For instance, in my template, I have three samples listed in each of eight Multisample sounds. In the copied sound, a single sample has replaced them.  Although the new sample plays, the Multisamples still lists the three original names where it should list only one, and none of names are correct.

I have Auto-label selected for all of the Multisample sounds, and display them as a "Select from List" in the VCS.

I've attached a .kym file that illustrates the bug. (The samples in the bug.kym are taken from the stock samples that come with Kyma. So, there shouldn't be any issue playing it "right out of the box", provided that you've got eight loudspeakers attached.)

(I've tried telling it to forget all presets, recycling the memory, as well as power cycling the Paca and the computer, all to no avail.)

Thanks for any help.

asked Nov 26, 2018 in General by kevin-cole (Adept) (1,050 points)
It's still a bug (I think) but new investigation seems to indicate that the problem only occurs when multiple samples are replaced with a single sample.  If one goes from three samples to two, the problem is not present. However if one goes from three samples to one it does manifest. (VERY preliminary testing. Haven't verified that it always behaves that way.)

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