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Can I have an action that triggers when the Sound stops running? (eg. sending AllNotesOff)

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I want to send a midi "All Notes Off" command when my Sound stops.

Is it possible to trigger an event and do something like that when I press the spacebar to stop a Sound?

Here's a little aside. When I press the spacebar to stop a Sound and the mouse pointer goes black, I'm thinking that's the "Sound not running" state. I hadn't realised before that the VCS controls are still active. I mean I've noticed things like bpm driven Gate buttons might still flash but thought nothing of it.

Here's a little Sound I made that sends out Midi messages.

When you click NoteOn it sends a random pitched note on midi message on channel 1. When you get bored of the cacophony you can click the AllNotesOff button and they all shut up.

What's intriguing me is that when I stop the Sound (press the spacebar and get back the black mouse pointer) the buttons still do their business. Like a honey badger they just don't care. 

asked Dec 7, 2018 in Using Kyma by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (15,680 points)

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