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I can't connect My Midi keyboard USB controller (PCR-M50 Edirol)

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Hi Kyma community laugh

I have a problem...
I can't connect My Midi keyboard USB controller (PCR-M50 Edirol). When My Midi keyboard USB controller is connect to Paca, the software Kyma detected a controller (PCR) on Statut DSP, but nothing is controlled.
So, for more simplicity, I bought software 'Kyma Connect".
To know : I make a test on Logic Pro, he work fine.

I missed a step? sad

Questions : enlightened
1. The PCR-M50 must connect to Paca, or connect to Computer ?
2. There are a special prototype in the list for execute this connection ?
3. Midi Channels 's problem maybe ?
4. I must make some Copytalk ? to adapt ?

Please, Help Me, I would a answer... indecision

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asked Jun 18, 2015 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by de-fazio-jeremy (120 points)
As far as I remember you should see a small 'm' at the top left of the DSP status window when the Pacarana receives MIDI - see that?
No message or a light appear on statut DSP when i try to press the Keyboard. :(
1. The PCR-M50 must connect to Paca, or connect to Computer?
If you're using Kyma Connect, then the PCR should connect to the Computer's USB port.

Is this how you have it set up now?

Then, within Kyma Connect, you should be able to route MIDI from the PCR to the Pacarana.

There are three virtual ports on the PCR that you can connect using Kyma Connect: The second one is the output of the PCR's keyboard.
And if that doesn't word try to connect the good old analog way using a midi cable from the PCR's MIDI out to the MIDI in of the interface you're using with you Pacarana.
Hi !! Thx for your answer. :)
So... I make two different connection.

First test :
I connected the controller to paca on USB port. Kyma detect PCR M50 on the DSP statut. result : Don't work. No message or a light appear on statut DSP when i try to press the Keyboard. Nothing with "Show Midi Messages" test... :(

Second test :
When i connect PCR USB port on the PC, the Software "Kyma Connect" detect the controller and PACA hardware. This step is good. But, Kyma don't detect the controller on the Statut DSP. :( Result : Don't work.

Note : I have got "Apogee duet one" (not midi In/out)

It lacks the good old Method (Midi Cable analog connection), but i don't have got other Sound Card requirement for Paca.

Must i make the last analog test ? recommended ? so necessary ?

DEFAZIO Jeremy. :)
Using Kyma Connect, did you route the 2nd MIDI output port to the Paca?
Conclusion : PCR M50 is not compatible with Kyma Paca, Pacarana, etc...

DE FAZIO Jeremy.

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I would recommend that you first confirm that the PCR M50 is working as a MIDI controller independent of Kyma. One way to do this is to connect its USB to your Mac, then use a free utility application, MIDI Monitor, that you can download from here: This tool lets you see MIDI messages coming from any MIDI port that OSX "sees". If your PCR M50 is working properly then you should see MIDI Note on and note off events when you press its keys. Since the PCR M50 has multiple MIDI ports defined you will have to monitor all of those to check that there is proper MIDI activity.

If you do not see any MIDI activity then that would suggest that something is wrong with the PCR M50.

If the PCR M50 appears to be working properly in this test then I would suggest that the next step is to check if it is working in KymaConnect. For KymaConnect to work with any MIDI port that port must be assigned to one of its four available EXT MIDI "slots". This is done from the KymaConnect preference pane. In this case you want to assign the PCR MIDI port that carries MIDI performance information, like note events.  Comments in your question suggest that this is its second port but you can confirm this in the PCR M50's user guide, or my the results of your MIDI monitor test.

Once it is properly configured in KymaConnect, and KymaConnect is running, there are green status "LEDs" next to each enabled EXT MIDI port. Find the one assigned to the PCR and watch it while you play keys. The "LED" will briefly show a brighter shade of green when there is MIDI activity.

If this appears to be working properly then the next step is to verify that the MIDI information is being received by Kyma. One way to do this is to select the "Configure MIDI" option on Kyma's DSP menu. Once that popup is showing press the "Show MIDI Messages" button to see a display of the latest received MIDI activity.  

answered Jan 7, 2016 by delora-software (Master) (5,520 points)