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How do you set a Sound's check-boxes using a Script?

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How would I set the check-box parameter of a Sound, for instance the "SetLoop" parameter of a Sample, from a Script?

I tried the example above but that doesn't work.


asked Dec 31, 2018 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by alan-jackson (Master) (9,330 points)
I think you need to use a ParameterTransformer to set the checkbox value to a green variable first.
What does "snd" mean in the ParameterTransformer's Transformation parameter? I'm guessing it means the input Sound, but I can't see it documented in either the Kyma X or 7 guides.
yes it means the input sound....

try  ' self debug: snd name' in the transformer script

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Thanks SSC, using a ParameterTransformer works:



Above is a simple example Sound that enables looping of a Sample from a Script. The ParameterTransformer has this in it:

Things to watch out for - note that "setLoop" starts with a small "s", and "true" starts with a small "t".

Here's the example Sound


answered Dec 31, 2018 by alan-jackson (Master) (9,330 points)
Thanks, Alan! Happy New Year!
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General rule of thumb in all cases of using ParameterTransformer:


* the parameter you want to transform from the script, should begin with lowercase always

* the Sound you want to transform (snd)  should be the one directly connected to the ParameterTransformer, don't expect it to work on anything beyond that scope.
answered Jan 6 by cristian-vogel (Master) (6,710 points)