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how about this?

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sooooo tempted :)

more or less, I'm just waiting for you SSC to say: "go for it"


on the other hand, is there really big difference

between Kyma Control keyboard on iPad, and CMini

(on C-Mini one can play just 2 voices, Y movements are rather short, and so on ...)

for some average player , that is




I wish you all
all the best in the year 2019. !!!!


related to an answer for: Continuum and kyma
asked Dec 31, 2018 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by samuel-sacher (Practitioner) (580 points)
I backed the kickstarter. I don't think they've shipped yet. I should be in the second week of production so I'm looking forward to it turning up soon!

The continuum is excellent but just a bit heavy to sling round my neck. I've been looking for a controller that would be a 3-dimensional upgrade from the Doepfer ribbon controller (which is 2D). The continuumini is about the same size as the Doepfer ribbon, but half the weight, 3D, duophonic, powered off 5V and has the amazing EaganMatrix synth built in.

I'll let you know what it feels like when I finally get my grubby two fingers on one :) I can't wait to wire it into kyma.
Please, once you get C-mini,share your experience,  
I'll try to tame my gear-lust until that ....

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