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What is an OpossumInterface, because I just got an error message when updating Kyma7 running on a Paca.

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323 views asked Jan 3, 2019 in Hardware & Interfaces by timothy-mcguinness (270 points)
Could you please click the Stack Trace button, then copy the stack and paste it into an email to us? Thanks!
How can I recreate the situation or find a log of error messages? Yesterday I was notified that there was a software update and started & completed the download. When I got the Opossum error message I hit trace stack & got a window with a lot of info but Kyma hung up shortly after that & I had to force quit so I lost it. When I restarted Kyma after rebooting my computer most everything worked except I was getting a lot of MIDI hung notes that would only stop after closing my sound & opening it again ('MIDI notes off' doesn't seem to work on my system using a Paca, a Capybara 320 & an AVID 003. Things seem to be running fine today with Kyma 7.24f2 but it's only been running for an hour.

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