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HoldRateDuringLoop in TimeIndex

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I'm trying to make a small sampler that jumps to a position at the push of a button, and then loops back from the beginning of the whole sample.

It works when I have the HoldRateDuringLoop checked, but when It's not checked the loop behaviour is strange. It does loop back but is silent untill it reaches the position that I asked it to jump to.

I works great when  HoldRateDuringLoop is checked, but I want to change the rate of playback. 

Is there a reason the HoldRateDuringLoop is working like it is? Seems like the loop behaviour when HoldRateDuringLoop is unchecked is not very useful. Or is it just my coding that is a bit unelegant?

Here is the example attached. 

asked Jan 15 in Using Kyma by anders-skibsted (Practitioner) (800 points)

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