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soundToGlobalController's value field's automatic scaling not working?

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With Sound To Global Controllers:

I beleive the sound should "automatically convert" values between 0,1 in the Value field to what ever the set range for the GeneratedEvent might have so that 0 is min. and 1 is max of the range?

I was trying this out and it seems that how ever I change the Value/Range the GeneratedEvent is always in the range of 0...1?

It seems that I can control the range of the Value as I would like, but the GeneratedEvent is always between 0 and 1.
asked Jan 24 in Hardware & Interfaces by anssi-laiho (Practitioner) (930 points)

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The SoundToGlobalController evaluates an EventExpression in the Value field and sends it to the EventValue in the GeneratedValue field. So for example you could scale and offset the a value in the Value field

!aValue01 * 90 + 10

and the GeneratedValue would have the range [10,100].

However, it does not automatically scale the result of the Value field to match the range of the EventValue in GeneratedValue.

What is it you are aiming to to do in your example; maybe we could come up with some way to do it? Thanks!

answered Jan 24 by ssc (Savant) (93,320 points)
Thanks for the reply. I had tried different ways of scaling the value and i think because I got it from a pasted sound that was missing the  "L" it gave me errors. Now that I added the "L" after the pasted sound, everything works like a charm if I do it as you suggested. Thanks for the encouragement! By the way, you should check and correct the description of the sound! It says that the generatedValue is scaled automatically, if you adjust it in the VSC, but it doesn't work that way?
I had never noticed that part of the STGC description before:

"The value specified here will have its range modified by the settings in the VCS. This means that if the range of values specified here is (0, 1), the GeneratedEvent will take on values between the minimum and maximum (with grid) specified in the VCS..."
Thanks Anssi and Alan,
Documentation has been updated for next software update. (It was reflecting the way STGC behaved in Kyma X and this had changed with Kyma 7). Good catch! Here is the new Help for the GeneratedValue field:
Paste a Sound or enter an EventExpression here.  The stream of values generated by the Sound or EventExpression in the Value field is transmitted to the !EventValue named in GeneratedEvent; The !EventValue in GeneratedEvent is a global value that can be referenced in the parameter fields of any other Sounds in this same signal flow graph.
The GeneratedEvent will have the same range of values that the EventExpression has in the Value field. In the VCS, you can Ctrl+Click on the GeneratedEvent widget to change the range of values it can display.