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remove more than one preset at a time

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I have quite a few vcs-presets in my sounds and have to remove a few from time to time. It would be great if I could select not just one preset to remove, but a few more - maybe 10 presets at a time. Would that be realizable in the future or did I miss something?



asked Apr 22, 2019 in Using Kyma by knut-kaulke (Adept) (1,940 points)
I like this idea too. As of right now, to the best of my knowledge, you have to do it one by one.
One other trick in the meantime: When you have one preset that you want to save and don't want the rest, rename your favorite preset to Default and then Remove all. It will still save your favorite as the Default. (I realize this is not what you were asking but it might come in handy sometimes).
Thank you.
Could you do that with the VCS presets like you do with the "set labels" in the VCS editor? I mean just press an edit button and edit it directly in the box. I really like that.

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