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Where to find the right short firewire-cables nowadays?

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I'm looking for a few short firewire 800 cables for my pacarana and motu 828mk3

Does anyone know where to get it?

I'm trying to follow the instructions with only using bilingual firewire 800 cables, but they seem to be increasingly hard to find.

Does anyone know of good place to buy it, preferably in the EU? It also seems like not all shops actually know the difference, and i once ordered a longer one in a webshop, where I from the photo could see the narrow notch, but received one that was obviously a beta with the wide notch.

Does anyone know of a good and trusted firewire dealer?


asked May 4, 2019 in Hardware & Interfaces by anders-skibsted (Adept) (1,320 points)

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We've ordered short FW 800 cables with molded strain relief connectors from here:
answered May 7, 2019 by ssc (Savant) (125,740 points)
selected May 9, 2019 by anders-skibsted
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USBFireWire is good, they also ship to Europe. While you're at it, I would recommend the port isolator they sell as well to protect your equipment.
answered May 6, 2019 by anssi-laiho (Adept) (1,150 points)
Unfortunately, it looks like they have only wide-notched, not bilingual.
Another one I have used before is German partsdata.

Not sure about wether they sell bilingual or not? Maybe you'll have to email them and ask?
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The shortest I've found on Amazon (Europe) is 2m:

It looks like a bilingual, and says it is. I would prefer a shorter cable though.

I've just ordered the short one from The shipping to the UK was $5. 


I ordered two cables from One very short (12 inch, I think) and one longer. The very short one is indeed bilingual but the other one was not (despite the images on their site). 

Then I found this on amazon:

That has just arrived and it is bilingual. 

answered May 20, 2019 by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (15,840 points)
edited Aug 5, 2019 by alan-jackson