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How can I evaluate a capytalk expression every 10 ms?

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I was looking at the exponential smoothing thing again using capytalk. 

If I want to evaluate a capytalk expression every capytalk cycle (every 1 ms) I could do something like this:

| lastValue |

lastValue := EventVariable new initialValue: 0.

(!localTime true:
    (lastValue <~ (lastValue + (!Input - lastValue / !Factor)))

If I want to evaluate less often I could use "0.1 s tick evaluate:..." instead of "!localTime true:...". But tick can't seem to go faster than 0.02 s.

How do you create faster triggers in capytalk, between 1 and 10 ms?

(Also would it be much more efficient to use a tick of 0.1 s duration in the example above and smooth the output, or just evaluate the expression at full capytalk rate?)


asked May 17, 2019 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (15,740 points)
edited May 17, 2019 by alan-jackson

1 Answer

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Here's a Sound that does exponential smoothing of input values.

answered May 17, 2019 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)
I would never have thought to use an AmplitudeFollower. You know all the tricks!

So the AmplitudeFollower goes to 64% of the input value in the time set in TimeConstant.
whileTrue:timeStep - How does this work?