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Custom Prototypes - sometimes loads sometimes doesn't

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As above, sometimes the custom prototypes strip loads when I open Kyma, sometimes it reverts to just prototypes.  What am I doing wrong?


asked May 27 in Using Kyma by ghood (Adept) (1,860 points)
That does work for me. Kyma does appear to load my CPs every time it starts.
Geoff, when you quit Kyma, are you being prompted to save some open, edited files?
Yes, although frequently I don't save if I haven't changed anything or I've simply opened a few things to experiment etc. I've certainly not made edits to the custom prototypes.
Are you ever clicking Cancel in this situation? It is possible that this might cause the problem you are seeing.
No, not.clicking cancel. Just no to saving (when I dont need to)

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I don't know if this is happening to you but something that catches me out quite often is the "Enable" drop down on the File Open dialog. 

To include Custom Prototypes in your Prototypes strip you have to open the file with "Custom Prototype" in the Enable drop down. 


So far so good. But the open dialog remembers the last setting of the Enable drop down (which probably makes sense for other file types but I think not for Custom Prototype). So next time I go to open a .KYM file, if I don't remember to change the Enable back to "Any openable file" (which I rarely do), kyma will open the .KYM file as a Custom Prototype set and get rid of mine. 

answered Jul 17 by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (12,160 points)
edited Jul 17 by alan-jackson
Thanks Alan, yes I was already using that to open custom prototype strip.
Yes of course. Were you setting Enable back to "Any openable file" next time you open a .kym file? That's the bit that catches me out.
I very rarely open kym files that way. I use the sound browser instead...unless you're saying that you need to set that back anyway to get Kyma to reopen my custom prototypes upon start? Which would seem a little odd...
Ah ok. You're quite right you don't need to set that back if you're using the Browser. It's probably something else then.