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Wiimote not connecting

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I am using Kyma 7.25b0.  I can see the Wiimote in Osculator, and I can connect Osculator out in KymaConnect, but I cannot see any messages from the Wiimote in Kyma.  Any clues?


asked Jul 2 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by robert-efroymson (200 points)
Are you trying to send OSC messages from Osculator or MIDI?
If you want to send OSC messages from your Wiimote, you will need to setup each of the event to send "OSC Message" Event type and in the preference OSC Route setup you set the Target to "baselime-xxx".

If you want to Osculator to translate Wii data to MIDI message before you send to Kyma, you will need to setup each of the message to Event type as MIDI and in the preference set MIDI output to vPacarana.

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In Osculator on the mapping screen I set the Event Type to "OSC Message" . If I do nothing else then no messages show up in Kyma.

(To see the OSC messages Kyma receives go to the DSP Status Window then go to the Configure drop-down, choose OSC, then the View Log button). 

Going back to Osculator's mapping screen I need to set the value of the message. I set it to Ð.


Then the messages show up in Kyma's OSC event log viewer. 



What I also found was that I couldn't get the built in wii VCS mappings to work. That is if I try to map my VCS controls using the right-click menu and choose Controller > Wiimote > Wii Button A, it wouldn't respond. 

Instead if I go to the same right-click menu on the VCS control and choose  Controller > OSC, I can then choose the appropriate OSC message and that works fine:




Note that the above works without KymaConnect running. Osculator can connect directly to the Paca(rana). (But it also works when KymaConnect is running too).

answered Jul 5 by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (11,860 points)
edited Jul 5 by alan-jackson
Thank you!  I was going to come back here and update this that I had isolated the problem to within Osculator, but then I saw that you had already come in here, identified the problem, and solved it!! Awesome!