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Anyone using Lynx Aurora with Paca(rana)?

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Hello there,

I’m currently looking to get a quality interface for my new Paca.

So I’m wondering if someone using a Lynx Aurora with a Paca(rana) could advice in regards to overall latency, stability, and set up difficulty when used with kyma.


asked Jul 10, 2019 in Hardware & Interfaces by eli (Adept) (1,130 points)
I should do another pass on that documentation but I have this setup:

Computer <> RME AES
RME AES <> Aurora 8 FW
Aurora 8 FW <> Pacarana

In Kyma, I route IO 1-8 to Analog 1-8.
In Aurora, you there is a setting to mirror Analog to AES IO.  

Kyma then receives both data via AES and Analog on channels 1-8 in Kyma.  This means if I send out on Kyma channel 1, it appears both on the Aurora Analog 1 and AES 1.

Conceptually, leap is to visualize that the Aurora it has 3 interfaces:  Analog, LSOT (in our case this is Firewire), and AES.  We send information over FW to the LSOT and from there you can route with whatever controls provided by the Aurora software.  By default, the Aurora take data from the LSOT and map those to the Analog IO.  There are  setting to also mirror the LSOT data directly to the AES so that the data from Kyma appears both on the Analog IO and the AES IO.  I have the old version of the Aurora so the control software for newer ones may have more flexibility and perhaps you can separate out AES and Analog streams.

Kyma doesn't know anything about the internals of the Aurora as it only sees what is exposed on the LSOT slot.  This isn't a limitation of Kyma but of the Lynx Aurora implementation but the result is that we don't address directly the Analog or AES IO but only the LSOT.  The same problem happens if you connect directly to the Lynx over FW.  It just gives you 16 channels but the routing of those channels to Analog and AES IO is controlled via the Aurora software.
Many thanks for your thoughtful answer Ben!
It's reassuring to know that i could still be able to control the extra I/O's of the Aurora with the Lynx Remote app
However, the 10ms latency ruins it for me.
I get 2.7ms RTL on my PC set with 128 sample buffer via the TB3..



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I'm new to Kyma and have just gotten a pacarana setup with a Lynx Aurora 8, which I was hoping to run via AES into my primary interface that I use for DAW, etc..  The problem I'm having is that when I open the DSP status, all I see are Analog Ins and Outs available for routing.
answered Jan 31, 2021 by zachary-kramer (140 points)
Have you already found this page? It might have some tips on it:
I was able to get it working for now using the analog I/O, but thanks for sharing that link.  Looks like the info I'll need to get AES working can be found there.
Have you been able to mix and Re-Route any of the Aurora's ports (Analog and AES/EBU) by using the Lynx Aurora Remote Control App in addition to Kyma's 8x I/O configuration?
Sorry I missed this question.  I did get it working via the analog inputs but I never figured out how to mirror the AES, which is kind of a bummer.  Going to give it another shot because I got my old Firewire MBP working again and have the Aurora Remote software from 10 years ago installed now.