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MIDI Clock, BPM Calculation and Memory Writer

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Hello Kyma experts,

hope you are all very well.

I have just joined the Kyma Community recently, and this is my first post in regards to start building my Survival Kyma 'looping kit' (hopefully).

I'm gonna start building loopers and samplers with Kyma first so the Memory Writer and the Sample prototypes are my friends at the momment.

In this way, my first wish would be to synchronise and capture loop recordings from my live looper (EDP), which sends it's MIDI Clock and audio to Kyma.

My idea is as follows:

1 - Create a loop on my EDP - not problem here :)

2 - Capture/Record that exact loop in Kyma by punching in and out the loop start and end points automatically with a Memory Writer.

3 - Followed by an automatic MIDI CC message sent to the EDP at the end of the bounce recording so I can Mute the Audio of the EDP.

4 - Playback and loop the recording from the Memroy Writer on a Sample prototype right at the end of the recording too.


My questions:


Could you recommend me a specific Kyma's Sound File to look at this?

I'm already using a SoundToGlobalController called TimingClockToBPM..

How is the bpm calculated by Kyma?

I can't see any metronome running on Kyma..


Many thanks,







asked Jul 16 in Sound Design by eli (280 points)

1 Answer

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Before getting to your question, we thought you might want to take a look at a Sound already in the Kyma Sound Library called: "Live Looper Aligned with the Bar, Blinking metronome, Position within bar, Resync when Silence button goes up". You might have fun experimenting with that one.

To find it, go to the Sound Browser, double-click the Kyma Sound Library, search by Sound name.

Once you've familiarized yourself with the way that one works, I bet you could modify it to be controlled by your EDP, triggering record with a MIDI continuous controller and using the MIDIOutputController module in Kyma to emit a control gate to send back to the EDP.
answered Jul 16 by ssc (Savant) (96,780 points)
Much appreciated for your help
That's the Sound File I've been studying the most.
I don't quite grasp Capytalk yet so I'm pretty lost at the moment..
I'm particularly trying to decipher the 'timer + bpm' section of the sound, and try to understand the Event Values inside the 'SoundToGlobalControllers..
How is the bpm calculated from the LoopStart and LoopEnd points?
Ideally, I would like to generate the LoopStart and LoopEnd points from the Startsong, Stopsong messages of the MIDI Clock sent from the EDP.
That way, I could keep changing the start point and specially the length of the loop whenever I re-multiply the original loop on the EDP.
That's my favourite feature on the EDP: Multiply

Is there a way to post images here?

Many Thanks,