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.pdf required for Kyma Control?

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I just purchased Kyma Control & am looking for a .pdf or similar set of instructions on how to use it. I've watched the demo video & although it shows what's possible, I do have questions on how to integrate it with my sounds. The Pen section is where I'm getting hung up; the VCS, Keyboard & other tabs are no problem. PS I checked section 9.1.1 in Kyma 7 Revealed which helped it bit but I'm looking for additional info.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

asked Aug 16, 2019 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by timothy-mcguinness (270 points)

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Hi Timothy,

For Pen control, you can either find Sounds that are already set up for Pen control, or you can modify an existing Sound to be controlled by a pen (and tablet).

To find Sounds that are already pen-controlled, use Ctrl+B and search for 'pen' in the Prototypes, or go to the Sound Browser, double click on Kyma Sound Library to spawn a browser on the library-only, and search by Parameter field value for !Pen.

To create a Gallery of Sounds pen-controlled Sounds, go to the Sound Browser, select a sample, spectrum, or psi file, disclose the Gallery options at the top of the Browser, and use the drop down menu to set Control to !Pen. Then click Gallery to create examples based on the selected file that are controlled by !PenDown, !PenX and !PenY.

To transform an existing Sound to use pen controls, use a TransformEventValue Prototype. In the Prototypes, you'll find one already set up to transform from VCS controls to Pen. The basic idea is: In SourceValues, you put the list of current controls, and in TransformedValues you put Capytalk expressions for !PenDown, !PenX, !PenY.

Alternatively, you can play an existing Sound, then in the VCS, Ctrl+Click on a widget you'd like to control by pen and tablet. Select !PenX, !PenY, or !PenDown from the menu.

What all of these approaches have in common is that you want to use the EventValues !PenX, !PenY, !PenZ or !PenDown in the parameter fields of the Sound you'd like to control. Maybe the best approach is to search for examples in the Browser and Prototypes first and see how they work. Then make some Pen-controlled Sounds in the Gallery, open them and see where the pen EventValues are used.

Hope that helps!
answered Aug 19, 2019 by ssc (Savant) (107,900 points)
Thank you SSC, this helps a lot & is much appreciated!

I'm guessing that to gain access to some of the other EventValues like !PenZ & !PenTilt, I'll have to buy a device that uses a real pen & not just fingers? If so, then I'll put one on my wish list.
There is a PenZ fader in Kyma Control, but to get !PenTilt, yes, you'd need a Wacom tablet and pen.
Thank you. Having a lot of productive fun with this, especially using multiple fingers (pens). It's a very welcome addition to my workflow.