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I would like to delete all (or at least all unused) VCS layouts

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I decided to use an old Timeline as a starting point. After deleting a bunch of stuff, including markers, I would like to completely start over with VCS layouts. In other words, I was hoping there was some sort of global "recompile" that would completely do away with all previous mucking around with VCS layouts. I want to find a way to avoid the tedious task of individually deleting 2-3 dozen VCS layouts that are of no no use to me, including some that seemingly even reference variables that are no longer applicable in the greatly reduced timeline. Does such a thing exist?
asked Sep 23, 2019 in Using Kyma by mark-phillips (Practitioner) (860 points)
Mark, could you please archive and email your Timeline? We'd like to use it as a test case for an option to remove all sub layouts. Thanks!

1 Answer

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Done ... email sent
answered Oct 8, 2019 by mark-phillips (Practitioner) (860 points)