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MultiGrid and MIDI

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If I use in a MultiGrid different Sounds having not the same number of voices in polyphony, then it seems that (at least when communicating with a Continuum) for the whole MultiGrid, i.e. for all Sounds contained, the polyphony of the Sound with the maximum number of voices is taken. Is this observation correct? Or is there a way to get a behaviour similar to a Compiled Sound Grid, where the active Sound determines the polyphony?

This would at least be important when combining monophonic and polyphonic Sounds in a MultiGrid; in the current constellation the monophonic Sound behaves differently in a MultiGrid than normally, e.g. related to portamento etc.
asked Oct 13, 2019 in General by explodingtickets (Adept) (1,380 points)
edited Oct 14, 2019 by explodingtickets

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When communicating with the Continuum or with MPE keyboards, Kyma will configure the polyphony of the keyboard to be the maximum number of voices in the Multigrid. Internally, however, Kyma does independent voice allocation (and voice stealing) for each active Sound in the Multigrid.
answered Oct 16, 2019 by ssc (Savant) (125,820 points)
selected Oct 17, 2019 by explodingtickets
Understood. But this has regarding the Continuum an impact on the characteristics of sounds with one voice if used together with sounds having more than one voice: behavior like portamento is lost.