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All Note Off

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Greetings From Malaysia !

I am "bombing" the sample player with midi notes and some off them get stuck.

Is there a global notee off function so I could switch all notes off ?

I am using a external sequencer (hardware) to send a lot of random notes , fast.



asked Dec 3, 2019 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by rastko-lazic (Practitioner) (410 points)
Did you try ctrl+R?
It does work with ctrl+R thank you . Is there a way to send this from a midi controller and channel specific ? I am performing with one controller and was not thinking of having the keyboard near .
How can I get kyma to kill stuck notes without having to restart the Sound?

Ctrl+r doesn't work for me. The stuck note comes back as soon as the DSP restarts. I have to do a Ctrl+K and Ctrl+P to recompile the Sound. But that doesn't work in the context of a performance.
Hi Alan, what is the source of the notes (is it a device, a sequencer, or a Capytalk expression)? It may be that the source is "stuck" in some state(?)
The source is a Sensel Morph (using the MPE Piano overlay).  I suspect it's either missing some note-offs or just sending a lot of midi data and the note-offs are getting lost in the swamp.

What kind of state could it be stuck in? Continuously sending channel pressure? If it was why would Ctrl+R not clear it whereas Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P does clear the stuck notes?

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