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OSC message for Program Chance VCS

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Very excited to be almost entirely on OSC for communicating between Max and my Pacarana.

What OSC message do I send as program change for VCS? Normally I send a MIDI note to Program Change which I've set in the Pacarana preferences.

asked Dec 30, 2019 in Hardware & Interfaces by anne-la-berge (Adept) (2,170 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Anne,

You can use the OSC message:

/vcs/map 131 <program number as float>

to send a program change for MIDI channel 1.

For other MIDI channels, use (channel - 1) * 256 + 131 for the first number. For example, for channel 11, you would use:

/vcs/map 2691 <program number as float>

Note that the first argument must be an integer and the second number a float.

answered Dec 30, 2019 by ssc (Savant) (121,920 points)