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Linnstrument problem in Kyma+ 7.30f1

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I am using my usual combination of Kyma, Kyma-Connect, and Linnstrument.  I am seeing the behaviour in my own patches, as well as in the provided Linnstrument demo patches.  I can get sound if I set the Midi Mode on the Linnstrument to One Chan, but it seems to be automagically switched back to ChPerNote (as it should be of course) and then it stops working.  I can see the note data flowing into Kyma in the Show Midi Messages window.

The fake keyboard works, and I can even use the Linnstrument as a keyboard by turning off the MPE setting in Kyma's Midi Configuration and setting the L to One Chan.  Of course I don't get the correct MPE responses by doing so.

I have looked for any other settings that could be wrong, but they all seem right, as in I am using v2.2.1 of the L firmware, and the appropriate setting is selected in the Midi Configuration panel, etc.

asked Jan 12, 2020 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by robert-efroymson (220 points)
Hi Robert,
* Was this configuration working before 7.30?
* As a test, could you please try connecting the LinnStrument directly to the USB port on the back of the Pacarana and report whether it works in this configuration?
The configuration was working in the past, I can't say for sure it was working immediately prior to upgrading to 7.30.  I just tested directly connecting the Linnstrument to the Pacarana and all is working normally, so it must be something going wrong with KymaConnect, I guess.
Not necessarily, since you had it working in an earlier version of Kyma 7...
Is there some chance you are filtering NRPN or RPN messages? The Linnstrument v2.2.1 firmware uses NRPN & RPN messages to enter into and maintain MPE mode.
It's gotten a bit twilight zone on me, since now it is working just fine, except that for some reason I can't get cc06 to "work", as in I can't get the VCS to respond to that value.  I'm using the Linnstrument cc faders.  The rest of the first 8 values seem to be fine ... very strange.  

I think the NRPN RPN stuff is working, because I can see the L switching back into chPerNote mode automatically.
In Edit>Preferences>Performance>External MIDI Controller, do you have "Other" selected? (If you have MotorMix selected, it might be interfering with controllers on channel 1).
It is set to other.

I do have a workaround for the non-response to cc06.  The Linnstrument has a "hidden" setting to change the assigned cc numbers, and with cc09 it works.

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