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Run Kyma7+ (Mac) Portable? (ext drive)

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Is it possible to run Kyma as a portable install on an external drive? I've had a recent run of failing/buggy macbook pros (including returning three in a row!) and as a result am moving what I can to an external so I can quickly be up and running on another system in a pinch. WOrks so far for Reaper, Haken's Continuum Editor, and LIbre Office... will Kyma work this way or does it need machine-local library files and/or authorization?
asked Jan 16, 2020 in General by brook-hinton (150 points)
reshown Jan 16, 2020 by ssc

1 Answer

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Yes, Kyma will run from an external drive, although Apple recommends installing applications into the Applications folder.

Do you use the external drive as your laptop’s boot drive? If so, you will have no trouble running Kyma with different computers.

If you are using the laptop’s internal drive as the boot drive, then you do have to reinstall Kyma each time you change computers.
answered Jan 16, 2020 by ssc (Savant) (127,140 points)