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Grouping or embedding VCS widgets

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Can anybody tell me how to embed widgets in the VCS? I've created a sound with multiple widgets and when I compile the sound some of the widgets are grouped (embedded) and others aren't (see image 'Embedding'). I see that the embedded widgets are nested three deep when I look in the VCS editor (see image 'Unlocked VCS) & that the ones that aren't embedded are lacking another part. 'I'm obviously doing something wrong but I can't find the error. All I want is for all of them (1 thru 12) to look like the ones in the middle row - 10, 12, 3, 5, 8). I've been hung up on this for days & reluctant to ask for help but I'd would love to move on & make some music.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

asked Mar 5, 2020 in Using Kyma by timothy-mcguinness (270 points)
Hi Timothy,

Could you please upload your Sound or email it to us so that we can open the signal flow?

Email sent & thank you for getting back to me.

1 Answer

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Hi Timothy,

Kyma will create an embedded VCS for every Sound that has a black VCS symbol above the Sound icon in the signal flow diagram.

In this particular case, the VCA3, VCA5, VCA8, VCA10, and VCA12 Sounds each had a VCS, but none of the other VCA Sounds had one. You can add a VCS to those other Sounds by selecting the Sound and choosing Add VCS layout from the Action menu.

If you do this and then play your Sound, all of the VCA Sounds will be embedded, but you will have duplicates of the Amp controls, one copy within an embedded layout and another at the top level. This is caused by the VCS attached to the TransformEventValues Sound.

You can get rid of the duplicated Amp controls by selecting the TransformEventValues Sound, and choosing Remove VCS layout from the Action menu.

If you do this and then play your Sound, you will have all of the VCA controls embedded with a top level Level control.

The final step would be to rename the VCA1, VCA2, etc Sounds to have a leading zero in the name (VCA01, VCA02, etc) so that the embedded layouts are arranged in a logical order:

Here is the signal flow:


answered Mar 11, 2020 by ssc (Savant) (115,770 points)
That worked like a charm. I can't thank you enough!