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Problem with connect Kenton Killamix

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Hello everybody. I'm trying to connect kenton killamix as an external controller and so far nothing has come out. If i connect to the mac, then in the Kyma connect it is not an indication in 4 ports, if i connect to the paca, then the paca does not see it. I would be grateful for any advice.
asked Mar 16, 2020 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by oleglushkov (140 points)
When you connect it to your Mac does it show up in Audio Midi Setup? If it does have you tested its operation with something like Midi Monitor:
Hi, thanks a lot for the answer. Now I’ve connected directly to the pack, I’ll get a little experience and find the most convenient configuration.

1 Answer

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Hi Oleg,

First check the usb cable.

When it is connected into your Paca(rana) USB port directly check DSP Rescan by dropdown DSP status.

Go to MIDI input at the right and click to check it it's there.

When it is seen by the Paca(rana) you can check Midi messages by Midi configuration.

Hope this helps.

answered Mar 17, 2020 by roland-kuit (Master) (3,350 points)
Roland, Thanks a lot!! It  works!
Killamix strange mode.