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Details for using ethernet instead of FW to connect to a Pacarana?

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Is there a place on Symbolic's website showing what overall changes (when using Kyma above version 7) are possible or need to be made when using ethernet to the Mac instead of Firewire? What happens with the audio interface that was connected via FW, or is it still to be connected via FW, or even: does the number of appropriate audio interfaces sudddenly become "anything that works with a Mac"?
asked Apr 2 in Hardware & Interfaces by michael-bransome (130 points)

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Kyma 7+ affords the possibility of using an Ethernet connection between the Kyma host computer and the Paca(rana) instead of using FireWire. The Ethernet connect carries control information, sound data information, and OSC information. It does not though change how the Paca(rana) inputs and outputs soundcard audio. The Paca(rana) still needs a dedicated compatible FireWire or USB audio interface. This audio interface remains independent of any audio interface used by the Kyma host computer.

One significant benefit of using Ethernet instead of FireWire for host communication is that the host computer no longer needs a FireWire interface. Another benefit for FireWire equipped host computers is it eliminates the potential problems that can arise when there is a host FireWire audio interface and a Paca(rana) FireWire interface sharing the same FireWire bus. Using Ethernet opens up some exciting possibilities for physically placing the Paca(rana), or even sharing a Paca(rana) between multiple host computers (just not at the same time). The Paca(rana) and host computer no longer need to be located in close proximity, or even in the same room!
answered Apr 2 by delora-software (Master) (3,760 points)
yes, I have been enjoying programming in Kyma from the couch!

I found it very simple to connect the Pacarana ethernet to a portable Netgear M1 Nighthawk which connects all the devices in our apartment together, including the Pacarana right now!