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Suddenly not finding audio interface on startup

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I use a MOTU track 16 as my Kyma interface connected via firewire to pacarana.  This is connected via ADAT to a MOTU ultralite hybrid which is my Macbook's interface (connected via usb).  Up until recently I would power on/start Macbook and during load power on Ultralite and then Track16.  Then I'd turn on Pacarana and start Kyma.  All would be fine.

I've not changed anything to my knowledge (other than updating Kyma) but now when I load Kyma it says it can't find audio interface.  I have to turn off, wait a few seconds and then power on Track16...and then I can select as audio/midi interface from DSP window.

Any ideas what may have caused this please? Is anyone else seeing similar?

asked Apr 20, 2020 in Hardware & Interfaces by ghood (Adept) (2,960 points)
It might be obvious, but I'm just saying this to make sure: use DC-power, not FireWire power. I had some similar issues with Track16 and ended up swapping to TC-electronic interface. So I might not be an expert since I gave up on it quite soon. Main reason for the swap was that the Track16 won't turn on automatically when it gets power though.
Thank you.  i'm using DC power as i also can't seem to power via firewire (which is a shame, as otherwise i don't need the loom that comes with the track 16!

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We recommend the follow startup sequence:

  1. Pacarana
  2. Audio interface
  3. Kyma 7
answered Apr 20, 2020 by ssc (Savant) (118,510 points)
Still the same problem...bizarre - nothing else has changed but it now does this every time i load Kyma, most frustrating! Ho hum
Hi gh,

I think your interface has lost its internal settings.
Connect your interface to your computer. Use the interface software to set the startup settings again. Safe these settings in your interface. (clock must me internal).
Disable your interface drivers again. Connect to your Paca(rana) in this order SSC described above.
For MOTU interfaces, another good thing to try is a factory reset:
Thanks, I’ll give resetting a try although I don’t think it’s lost it’s setting. When the Track 16 loses its settings it defaults to ADAT off entirely and that is not happening here, it’s just taking a few goes sometimes to recognise.
Re. clocking. I’d been having the Track 16 clocked via optical to the Ultralite that it’s plugged into rather than internal. Should I just be using internal?
Changing it to internal would be a good first test. Once that is confirmed to be working we can figure out the optical.