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Global array of control values

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Is there a way to create sort of a global array of control values?

I might be going at this wrong, trying to bring ways of working from other programming languages into Kyma, but is there a way of having an array of values that I can acces and read or write to, anywhere in my sound?

I'm working with scripts and soundtoglobalcontrollers to try and construct different kinds of sequencers in capytalk, but it seems like the only way I can have values "globally accesible" is by assigning them to a hotvalue, and with that comes some restrictions, and some difficulties in accessing them.

I can of course create EventVariable arrays, but they will only work in one soundtoglobalcontroller for example, and be invisible to any other of my soundtoglobalcontrollers for example.
asked Apr 24 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by anders-skibsted (Practitioner) (950 points)

2 Answers

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TransformEventValues is one way to create an "environment" of values that are global to all Sounds to its left.

Can you give a more concrete example of what it is that you want to do? There may be several approaches to accomplishing the same thing.
answered Apr 24 by ssc (Savant) (105,590 points)
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Hello Anders, I uploaded this sound to the CommunitySoundLibrary,

it may be useful for you.


answered Apr 27 by domenico-cipriani (Adept) (2,340 points)
Thanks, this is really great. This is a good idea, I'll work a bit with this idea. Very useful, thanks.