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Synchronizing Kyma timeline with Logic Pro X.

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I've been trying to use my Kyma system more by making it more readily available along side my other tools.  To that end I've been trying to find a stable workflow with a Kyma timeline synchronized with a Logic timeline and here's what I've come up with.  I'm posting this for two reasons: 1) in case anyone else wants to replicate it, and 2) in case people have suggestions for better ways to do this :).

In Kyma:

1) Create your timeline, change "Free Running" to "Time code: MIDI or SMPTE".

2) Select "Automation" -> "Set Master BPM" and manually enter the BPM you plan to use in your Logic session.

 In Logic:

1) Create your session, set your tempo.

2) Go to "File" -> "Project Settings" -> MIDI, add the MIDI port to your Pacarana as a destination, click the MTC check box.  (Do not turn on clock!)

3) Go to "File" -> "Project Settings" -> General, and set: "Bar position 1:1:1:1 plays at SMPTE 0:0:0:0.0"

Here how I tested my configuration:

I find I need to give Kyma and Logic a couple of bars to get sufficiently in sync, so my session and timeline both start at bar 5.

1) In Logic create a simple four bars of half notes on the one and three playing on the instrument of your choice.  Export this to a MIDI file.

2) In Kyma use a MIDIVoice from MIDI file to play this file on the sound of your choice, and add a tempo aware delay (like StereoPingPongDelay).  Compile the timeline so it's waiting for timecode.

3) From logic, start at 1:1:1:1 and play.  Both Logic and Kyma should run, and by the time both start playing audio at bar 5, they should be reasonably well in sync.  


More notes:

1) I couldn't figure out how to keep things in sync when there's any tempo variation.  I'm open to suggestions for more things to try.

2) The sync here is probably best considered "draft quality".  For serious projects you'd probably want to do manually delay comp recorded audio, and process MIDI directly on the Kyma side via exported MIDI files.

3) Maybe timing could be improved by using Delora's KymaConnect to get the MIDI directly from Logic to the Pacarana over ethernet instead of going out one MIDI interface DIN port and into another?
asked May 15, 2020 in Using Kyma by cory-west (240 points)

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