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How to Tap BPM manually on the Timeline

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Is there a way to Tap the BPM for the Timeline manually (e.g. by using a MIDI foot-controller)?
Is the Automation graph the only way to set BPM for the Timeline?
asked May 18, 2020 in Using Kyma by eli (Adept) (1,130 points)

1 Answer

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The key to setting a live !BPM for the Timeline is to slave the tap-determined BPM and each BPM-dependent Sound to the Master (and live) BPM. Here's an simple example Timeline.

answered May 18, 2020 by ssc (Savant) (127,080 points)
But I'm still confused with the "Master/Slave" BPM relationships established on your example.
Are we actually slaving the Global BPM to the Tap Parameter control?
I understand we have to promote the Tap parameter from the Tap Timer Sound to become a TapMaster Control.
But how are both BPM's (Master BPM and the new TapMaster BPM) linked?
Are both BPM's 'independent' to each other and running in parallel as Global Controls?
Many thanks,
All of the Parameter controls called !BPM are linked to the Master control called !BPM (which is set to be Live).
Got it now,