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How do you start with HMMPatternGenerator? Do you import a midifile? How?

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62 views asked May 20 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by ulf-dageby (160 points)
The great Allen Wu has done some great videos, might also be of help:

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One way is to start with a Prototype and set the MIDI file names to your own MIDI file. For example:

  • Ctrl+B to search prototypes for HMM
  • Double-click HMMPatternGeneratorOnMIDIFiles to make a copy of the prototype to edit
  • On the right, you'll see a parameter field called: MIDIFileNames
  • Select/erase the default MIDI file name ('homeshome.mid')
  • Click the icon to the right of the field, and select your own MIDI file
  • Tap the space bar to play 



answered May 20 by ssc (Savant) (110,320 points)
I thought I asked a too simple question. But immediatly I got an answer! I do more and more fantastic things with this amazing program. I tested, didnĀ“t get very interesting results, but what a heck, now I know what to do! I will continue to ask "simple" questions. All best to you all at Kyma! Ulf Dageby