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Does Kyma 7+ work with a Wormhole set up without the FireWire connection?

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Kyma 7+ can use the Pacarana's Expansion B Ethernet port instead of FireWire for computer-to-Pacarana communications. A wormhole configuration of two or more Paca(rana)s requires the use of Expansion Port B. Can you realize a working set up by adding an Ethernet switch or hub so that the Ethernet connection from the computer, and the wormhole connection, both connect to the primary Paca(rana)'s Expansion port B?
asked May 22, 2020 in Hardware & Interfaces by delora-software (Master) (5,580 points)

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The best way to hook this up is to use four Cat6 gigabit Ethernet cables and a gigabit Ethernet switch (for example, a NETGEAR GS305):

1. Computer to switch
2. Paca(rana) #1 Port B to switch
3. Paca(rana) #2 Port B to switch
4. Paca(rana) #1 Port A to Paca(rana) #2 Port A

When starting Kyma, it will ask you which Paca(rana) you would like to use; the audio interface of the Paca(rana) you select will be the one that Kyma uses.

Firmware updates need to be done to each Paca(rana) individually. With the above configuration it is easy; start Kyma once, choose Paca(rana) #1, update it; after Kyma quits, start it again, select Paca(rana) #2, update it.
answered Apr 30, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (121,430 points)
selected May 1, 2021 by delora-software