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How to build Selectors for the same MIDI mappings?

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How could I implement MIDI Mappings with selectors 

so the same MIDI messages would only affect a specific sound by using a selector?


For example:


Level - CC7

Pitch - CC64

Wave - CC 8






Selector 1 - Allows those same CC’s to adjust  Oscillator 1 parameters only

Selector 2 - Allows those same CC’s to adjust  Oscillator 2 parameters only

Selector 3 - Allows those same CC’s to adjust  Oscillator 3 parameters only






asked May 29 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by eli (Practitioner) (940 points)

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You could multiply the cc message by a !osc1 button in the first oscillator parameter fields. So when !osc1 button is zero the cc messages do nothing but when 1 they send their values. E.g. !Cc64 * !osc1.

In other osc you would use !osc2, !osc3 etc. This way with multiple buttons pressed you could control multiple osc at once (or not)
answered May 29 by ghood (Adept) (2,860 points)
selected May 29 by eli
a-ha! :)


What would be the easiest way to deselect the rest of the selected oscillators when I engage/select a new !osc?

So I could jump from one oscillator to another oscillator by a single press, avoiding to press multiple times (deselecting and then selecting the different oscillators).

I'm trying to do this with STGC's negating or inverting the Values but with no luck so far..


This approach works as a charm for On/Off messages.
However, the values default back to 0 when it's dedicated selector switches Off..
So I'm still scratching my head trying to find a better approach..
Yes, I thought that after posting actually.
You could try this (I’m not in front of Kyma so may not be quite right):
!LevelOsc1+ (!Osc1Select *!LevelMod)

You would map the !LevelMod fader in the VCS to your midi controller. You could change the range of the widget to whatever you want, including negative where required.

So the !LevelOsc1 control is your master control and always active but you can use the !LevelMod (which you’ve mapped to your midi controller) to move the value up or down depending on whether the !Osc1 select button is on or off.

I’m sure there is a neater way but I think that will work.

EDIT: nope, that won’t work either actually as as soon as you unselect the addition/subtraction will disappear. I think you could use a hasChanged capytalk approach but I’d need to be in front of Kyma to help.
Thanks for all your help!
I found that the trick is using trackAndHold: for the continuous controllers so they don't reset to 0 after switching to another selector.

This sound in the library is the answer:

"track only when track button is done using trackAndHold:"

Thanks once again!