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Lost Layouts in MultiGrid

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When I place a Sound, which has several duplicated Layouts, which are linked to the main Layout by Embedded VCS Widgets, into a MultiGrid, then erraticly the duplicated Layouts get lost (displayed in the Preset list as either "inactive" or "Default", but being empty). Is there something special with duplicated Layouts related to MultiGrids?

Simple Example:


sometimes existent



asked Jun 5, 2020 in Sound Design by explodingtickets (Adept) (1,380 points)

1 Answer

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We have found and fixed a problem in the way duplicated VCS layouts are handled for Multigrids. This fix will be available in the next update (Kyma 7.35).
answered Jun 20, 2020 by ssc (Savant) (127,180 points)
Thanks a lot for investigating this.