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CSound Score to MIDI Template or, bridging Windows computer USB to Kyma

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Hi everyone, does anyone have experience integrating Csound with Kyma? I noticed there's a Csound Score to Midi Script object in Kyma (image beolow).
The main reason I'm asking is that I have an existing MIDI template for a midi controller I have, the Novation Launchcontrol XL in CSound. 've been told that the Launchcontrol works directly with Kyma if plugged in through the USB on my Paca. However my Paca is rackmounted so it would be much easier for me to connect the Launchcontrol to the USB on the computer.

for this reason, I need to bridge the gap between the computer USB and Kyma. I'm aware of Delora's Kyma Connect and have used it on my Mac. But I'm currently using a PC.

Could this object "Csound Score to Midi Script" be a potential bridge between the Launchcontrol and Kyma?

If not are there any other suggestions?

Thank you,


asked Jun 5, 2020 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by tom-tolleson (170 points)
In the Script parameter of a MIDIVoice, you can algorithmically create a list of events, but in this case the list of events is created at compile time and not while the Sound is playing (so it is unlikely to lead to a way fro use the Launchcontrol as an interactive controller).
Maybe a long USB cable or a USB hub would make it convenient to connect your controller to the USB port on the back of the Pacarana?
Thanks for the reply! I do have one (long USB cable). Looks like that’s my best bet.


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