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OSC messages from a Tool

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I would like to know if it possible to send OSC messages from a Toolto another program such as Processing. (and how that should be implemented within the Tool).

greetings from an healthier Italy.

asked Jun 9, 2020 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by domenico-cipriani (Master) (3,110 points)

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Greetings D —

First, create some Sounds with EventValues, and establish bi-directional communication with those EventValues and Processing. Then, in the Tool, create a variable and use Set Value Options... to associate the value of that variable with one of the EventValues. They can be writeOnly or readAndWrite. Each time you change the value of that variable in the Tool, it also changes the value of the EventValue in the Sound. And since that EventValue is communicating with Processing via OSC, the change in value is also transmitted to Processing.

When you run the Tool, use the File menu to open the Virtual Control Surface (the VCS should be open so that OSC messages can be sent).
answered Jun 10, 2020 by ssc (Savant) (121,920 points)
selected Jun 11, 2020 by domenico-cipriani
thanks for the answer!
reading the OSC documentation on the KymaTweaky I found out that
"The string argument in the /osc/widget,is message is a JSON string representation of the VCS widget object in Kyma."
is there anyway to send a JSON message from a tool to another program (as Processing or p5.js, for example).
Sorry, not possible at this time. We will add it to the list.
that would be fantastic :) also being able to receive JSON in a tool would be really really nice :)