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Using a 2nd interface: I can see the sound, but cannot hear the sound. Suggestions?

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My routing:

Mac --> Kyma --> MOTU (Interface #1) --> Scarlett 2i2 (Interface #2) --> Mac (via USB)

I can see the Kyma audio back in my computer, via OBS, but I cannot hear it. The plan is the live stream with my colleage Stephen Ruppenthal in another state, and mix our two sound streams together for a live performance in two weeks.

Sys Pref: Sound:   Input = Scarlet 2i2 USB (also tried with Blackhole; same result)  // Output = Multi-Output Device (set up in Audio MIDI Setup utility to include: Blackhole, Scarlett, Mac speakers, Headphones).

What am I missing?  Thanks.  --  Brian B.
asked Jul 7 in Hardware & Interfaces by bbelet (270 points)

1 Answer

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The Focusrite has a Direct monitor switch on the front panel. You could swtich that on and listen through headphones (or connect headphones outputs to some small computer speakers).
answered Jul 7 by ssc (Savant) (108,000 points)
I can hear the audio direct from the Focusrite. And, after a series of seemingly random patching hither and yon, I can hear Kyma output on my Mac (speakers and headphones), directly and using OSB.  What remains to be seen/hears is if this actually now sends out to the network for the project. That's tomorrow's task.
THANKS for assisting.