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Routing post-Kyma audio into OSB for network broadcast?

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This is a follow-up to my two earlier questions using a second audio interface for getting Kyma sound back into the computer. That's solved - thanks! Here's a new wrinkle.

Stephen Ruppenthal is in his California studio (running analog Buchla), and I am in my Oregon studio (running Kyma). We both have the following installed and working by themselves: iShowU Audio Capture, OSB, Jamulus, Zoom.

Our goal (for a Friday festival performance - yikes!): Interact, mix, respond with/to each other in real-time from our two separated locations, and combine audio into a final mixed stereo stream to broadcast to a live streaming festival. QUESTION: How do we route audio from Jamulus (or Zoom) into OBS? For those of you have succeeded with this tangle, please be as specific as you can with settings within any/all software modules.

We each can see/hear our own individual audio in our own copies of OBS. But I cannot grab Stephen's audio (even though I can see/hear it in Jamulus), and he cannot grab my Kyma audio (although he can see/hear it in his Jamulus). Help!  Thanks, in advance.  --  Brian B.
asked Jul 16, 2020 in Hardware & Interfaces by bbelet (Practitioner) (490 points)
Are you using a Mac or a PC?

I recommend you looking into these apps depending on your computer:




Also, make sure you have the Zoom Audio Settings looking like this:

Additionally, I suggest to have a read to latest Dino J.A. Deane's blog, where he describes his recent experience with telematic performances:

Good Luck!

Tried searching for "how to connect Jamulus to OBS", the following video came up.
Hope it's helpful. Please keep us updated. Thanks!
Thanks! I'll investigate the links. BTW: We are both using Mac laptops.
Thanks SCC Savant! I'll pursue the link.
Well, all of the approaches suggested did not work, and we ultimately had to withdraw our performance from last week’s festival. I followed five or six connection plans, each claiming to be THE answer, and in the process downloaded and installed iShowU Audio Capture, BlackHole, and OBS.

Some plans called for grouping applications into a Multi-Output Device, others via an Aggregate Device (both established within the Audio MIDI Setup utility, and others just using connections within OBS. I also began by purchasing a new, second audio interface (Scarlett 2i2 from Focusrite).

Using various combinations of the above puzzle pieces I tried at least a dozen different configurations, and none succeeded in routing my Kyma audio into and then out of OBS to my web browser. Stephen and I tried sending audio to each other using Zoom and Jamulus; again, no success. What am I missing? I would like to now start from scratch and get this data flow to actually work.

I am guessing that somewhere along the path multiple applications are trying to be #1 boss in the chain and therefore canceling each other out. Our two-studio plan is (I think) rather simple: Stephen in California running Buchla, and I am in Oregon running Kyma. The long-term goal would be for us to be able to send sound to each other for mutual processing before sending out to the net. But, we would be happy with even a Stage 1 connection, where we send our mixed sounds out to the net. Any new suggestions on how we accomplish this?
   Perhaps someone would be willing to contact me offline to set up a one-on-one consultation. Help! Thanks.
 - Brian B.

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I can't directly answer your question about OBS but I have been using blackhole to route audio. I have Aggregated it with my audio interface and used MaxMSP to route stuff around. FYI we have used JamKazam for our online stuff. It provides you with a selectable mix of hardware and sotfware inputs (using aggregate) it does video and chat between musicians and it can broadcast, but recommends you use a separate computer for this. You need to make sure you have DMZ open on your router and have a hardware ethernet connection to it from your computer. It is more to set up but it seems to work. I have tried Artsmesh and Jamulus and Jamkazam seems to be the sweet spot in terms of flexibility and workability. Good luck with your project I hope this was of some help. Best. S

answered Jul 16, 2020 by simon-smith (Adept) (1,200 points)
I have BlackHole installed as well, but I cannot tel what, if anything, it is doing. There are no controls and no UI for it; it is just there. Any suggestions on that aspect?
Do you see it showing up in Audio MIDI Setup?
We found this video describing how to use Blackhole with OBS on Mac OS Catalina: