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How to avoid Clicks and Pops when jumping positions with the TimeIndex

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For some reason I'm always experiencing clicks and pops when jumping positions on the buffer of a MemoryWriter using the TimeIndex module. 

But I don't have any clicks when jumping positions using a simple Sample module with no TimeIndex, even when using way less AR times..


Can someone offer me some tips? 





asked Aug 17 in Sound Design by eli (Practitioner) (920 points)

1 Answer

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When you jump in a recording it's likely that you're introducing a discontinuity in the waveform. You could try triggering a fade each time you jump. Could you use the Sample prototype instead (since you said that was working the way you expected )?
answered Aug 17 by ssc (Savant) (110,300 points)
Is there a particular number of ms that works best for the fades with kyma?
10ms ramp should be enough?
I would like to implement the TimeIndex with the sample if possible so I’ll keep trying different fades.. is there a particular sound In the library I should be studying to cover this?
Thanks again,
In general, the length of the fade would depend on the sound material. The more low frequencies the material contains, the longer the fade?