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Slipstick- Set Reference

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Hi All,

I have been enjoying playing with the Slipstick prototype but could you elaborate on what the Set Reference does. In theory I think I understand it but in practice I cannot get hear what it does. Any help would be appreciated.

asked Sep 8 in Using Kyma by simon-smith (Practitioner) (950 points)

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Hi Simon,

The SetReference, resets the state of the position and velocity to match the current input signal. In most situations this is not very noticeable, but if you are relying on something like a keyboard event to set the pitch, you would want to start the system exactly at the input pitch rather than having it evolve up to or down to that pitch.
answered Sep 8 by ssc (Savant) (110,300 points)
selected Sep 9 by simon-smith
That makes sense, many thanks!