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USB Interface for Pacarana/Kyma

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Greetings from Texas :)

I'm wanting to move away from my MOTU UltraLite-mk3 interface with the Pacarana, and something a bit more streamlined as all I'm using the MOTU for is the converter going digitally into my Apollo x6 (which I use as the primary interface for the studio).

Note: I know that given the proprietry nature of the UA architecture, it can't be used as a interface.

As an alternative, I've been using Audinate's USB to Ethernet adapter, and while it works, it is only a 24/48kHz device. I want to be able to work in 24/96kHz for sound design and related work. Hence, the having to stick with the MOTU.

What I've found is what appears (on the surface) to be an elegant means of coming out of the Pacarana (USB) to a simple SPDIF/TOS link interface that would then go digitally into the UA, or another device (such as my Grace M905)

The "U2 XMOS XU208 USB to Coaxial/Optical Converter" (and yes, I know that's a mouthful) is recognized as a USB 2.0 compliant device on the Mac (I haven't tested on my PC yet), but obviously if I plug it into the Pacarana Kyma doesn't recognize it.

This would be a driver related matter of course, and Symbolic (or a colleague of mine) having the ability to build a driver for it. 

I've included a bit of information, and would appreciate feedback (Carla, Kurt, others) as if this is doable, and something that would be worth pursuing (either the community as a whole, or something I could just do myself).

Here is a link to the manufacturer's website, a picture of the interface, the link to Amazon, etc.

Long winded I know (apologies), but wanted to capture as much information as possible in the thread.





asked Sep 20, 2020 in Hardware & Interfaces by paul-connolly (150 points)
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Pretty sure Pacarana is only USB 1 and USB 2 is not supported. All the USB interfaces supported I think are USB 1 class compliant. But I will let Kurt or Carla confirm.
answered Sep 21, 2020 by simon-smith (Adept) (1,200 points)
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My understanding is that USB2 is backward compatible with USB1.

You have bandwidth increases of course, but that the protocol (other than 2.0 extensions) would be compatible.

This is of course my naivety I'm sure :)
Paul, both you and Simon are correct: USB 2 is backwards compatible with USB 1, but the bandwidth of USB 1 is not large enough to support sample rates greater than 48 kHz.
So, if I had an Ethernet to USB3 adapter, (Ethernet out of the Pacarana to a USB adapter, then USB into the DouK audio interface) and I had someone do the programming, would it be possible then?

I realize I may be stretching what can/cannot be done, but still keen on seeing if it is possible.

Thanks everyone for your patience in fielding my questions...really appreciated. :)