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How do you save a sequence of presets... in a preset?

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Using the PresetChange Sound I can automate the changing of my Sound's presets. Yay!

That was so much fun I made a little sequencer of my presets where I could choose on some faders the order of presets. 


Here's a very simple version of the Sound:


How could I save the sequence of presets - say I wanted to switch between several sequences?

I've heard the way I've written this question it's not so easy to understand. Let me try again. 

Using the PresetChange Sound it's possible to algorithmically change the current preset of my running Sound. I could change it from a fader for instance. I could make a set of faders that changed the preset in a certain way. If these faders are saved in the current preset then it stops working because as soon as they change the preset they also change themselves. So I have to configure the faders as "Affected by Presets >> No".

But what if I use these faders to set a sequence of presets. And then I want to save that sequence? The faders aren't saved in the current preset so I can't just save the preset in the normal way. Is there a way one Sound (eg in a Multigrid) can set the presets of another Sound?



asked Sep 22, 2020 in Using Kyma by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (15,210 points)
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