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Timeline alternative to hasChangedInLast:

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I'm fond of using an expression like the following in live performance.

(!LFO1 hasChangedInLast: 0.5 s) smoothed

I'd also like to use it with automation in a timeline, but it doesn't respond the way you would want. In other words a straight horizontal line in the automation window is not handled the same way as not moving a VCS fader or a MIDI controller. As long as there is a line in the automation window, even if it's horizontal, the line of code interprets the it as if the value is changing, even though it clearly is not.

I'd love and explanation of why this is so ... and a suggestion for  solving this dilemna (other doing the work of that with another level of automation, which I can eventually manage).

asked Dec 12, 2020 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by mark-phillips (Adept) (1,010 points)

1 Answer

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Please double check that the endpoints of your horizontal line are identical (if you set them by hand, they may have very slightly different values, resulting in a changing, rather than a fixed, value). To ensure that the endpoints are the same:

  • Select both endpoints
  • Press Enter
  • Type the precise value you want
  • Click OK
answered Dec 12, 2020 by ssc (Savant) (127,000 points)
I would assume my end points were exactly the same. Since I always entered them by typing, not by mouse. When I would click on them individually to double-check, they show the exact same value.
Well ... with your encouragement that it should work, I just tried again (in a new timeline) ... doing  exactly the same thing I was trying to do before with the same sound as before ... but now it works. Doh! Glad to know that my basic process was correct and the it works as advertised in both live and timeline setting. I have no idea why I couldn't get it to work earlier this week.I double-checked the the endpoints repeatedly.