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Kyma Control on new ipad doesn't see Paca but old iPad does

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I have a Paca with the latest firmware (and the latest Kyma 7+ software) and I had my old iPad mini connected to the Paca with the Kyma Control app, which worked perfectly fine.

I now tried to connect an ipad Pro 12.9" (2017) running iOS 14.3 to the Paca and the iPad Pro doesn't see the Paca as a host in the Kyma Controll app.

I checked that both devices are on the same Subnet Mask, tried resetting the router, restarting the wifi, restarting the paca without any success. When I reconnect my old iPad mini it works without any problems on the exact same wifi ... so there has to be a working connection.

Could it be possible, that the port is still "occupied" by the old iPad so that the new one cannot acess the port or something like that? When I tried with the new iPad I had the old one swithed off an not in the wifi, so that they don't interfere....

any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!
asked Dec 30, 2020 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by alexander-maschke (120 points)
Do you see any devices listed under the Pacarana Hosts (in the Configure tab)? Can you double-check that all Wi-Fi settings (click the (i) in Settings>Wi-Fi next to the selected Wi-Fi network) are the same between your mini and Pro (not just the subnet mask). Are the routers the same?
Both iPads and the Paca are on the same router. The Wi-Fi settings on the iPads are identical - only the last number of the IP Address is different. On the Kyma Control app in the Configuration tab the mini shows the paca (with IPv4 address and  :8000 after that) and with IPv6 address. The pro doesn‘t list any devices as hosts ... very strange

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iOS 14 has a new privacy feature that allows users to control whether an app can access resources on the local network. If this privacy setting is set to "Don't Allow" for Kyma Control then possible Paca hosts will not show up in the connection list.

Open up the iOS Settings app and select the Privacy section. Look for "Local Network" and select that. You should see a list of all apps that you have run since the upgrade to iOS 14; hopefully Kyma Control is in the list. There is a toggle switch for each app that should be set to on to enable it to access local network resources. Verify that Kyma Control is enabled.

Note that iOS 14 will popup a dialog box the first time you try to access the local network within the app. This popup lets you allow network access. For something like Kyma Connect or vKiP you would of course need to answer yes.This popup only happens once. If you incorrectly answer you will need to manually change the privacy settings using the iOS Settings app.

The app may not show up in the Privacy settings, "Local Network" list until the app has attempted to use the local network at least once. This is true for apps that have not been updated for iOS 14. Apps that have been update use a different mechanism to inform iOS of their intent to access local network resources and they should show up in the Privacy settings once they are installed or updated. They still though show the popup on first use but the popup shows a more detailed explanation for why the app needs to access the local network.

Some apps start browsing for possible local network services at launch, and those apps should show the popup almost immediately the first time they are run. Others, including vKiP, only start browsing for local network services when you ask the app to connect through a connection screen. This means that just running the app once may not be enough for it to register with iOS that it wishes to use local network resources. If this is the case then the app will not show up in the Privacy settings list until the first attempt to connect.

One last iOS tidbit that can trip you up. The iOS Settings app may not show changes to an app's settings if that app is updated (or first installed) while the Settings app is in the background. The way to prevent this is to always force the iOS Settings app to close by "swiping it out of the dock". The next time you start the Settings app it should show all apps settings correctly.
answered Dec 31, 2020 by delora-software (Master) (5,660 points)
edited Jan 1, 2021 by delora-software
Thanks, that sounds very good and logical!
Sadly the Kyma Control app doesn‘t show up in the „Local Network“ list at all. Any hints how I could get it there? I was running the app multiple times and also reinstalled it without any success ...
Thanks, Alexander & Doug, for alerting us to the new security "features" in iOS14 (which are not implemented in the Apple simulator that we use for testing). We have updated the app and have tested to confirm it on a physical iPad Pro. The revised app has been submitted and should be approved by Apple in a day or so.
Thank you so much!! Amazing!
Will report back once I try with the updated app.
All best for 2021 from Munich
Happy New Year! The new version of Kyma Control is available on the App Store now.
Working for me after update!
I have added information to my answer that may explain why Kyma Control did not show up in the privacy list.
Working here as well!! I got a prompt when opening the app if the app can access the local network and after that Kyma Control immediately found the Paca!
Thank you so much for the super quick update - best present for the new year!!