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opinion on UPS devices?

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My UPS system (APC Back UPS BE550) has stopped working, probably due to battery failure.
I can get the battery replaced, or buy a new device ...
Having Pacaranas lose power during updating firmware is just not an option.

As it seems to me that nobody has asked about this topic,
I'd like to have your (SSC and users) opinion on this:

is this particular device adequate, or are there better (safer) solutions?



asked Jan 8, 2021 in Hardware & Interfaces by samuel-sacher (Practitioner) (590 points)

1 Answer

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I run my studio closet that contains the Kyma, Mac Mini, external pci controller and a storage on a Tripp Lite SMART1500 series device.  We have somewhat uneven power out here so we have small outages or blips happen once a week or so.  It has worked fine for the past 6 months, but it is one of those things that is hard to judge until it fails.  At 900w, it provides plenty of time to let things complete and then cycle down even at full load (which I am not even remotely at).  It also has line conditioning for over and under voltages which was something I was looking for given my area.

Semi-related, I also highly recommend getting a USB silent fan to plop onto the top of the case.  I have the AC Infinity S7 (dual version) and it turns out automatically upon powering up the Kyma and I've noticed that the Pacarans stay much cooler and never have the internal fans run at anything other than minimal levels so the whole setup is quiter now as well.
answered Jan 8, 2021 by ben-phenix (Practitioner) (440 points)