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Embodme Erae mpe controller - will it connect to Kyma the same as Linnstrument/Roli etc? Yes as an MPE controller

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Embodme Erae mpe controller looks like a large Roli block utilising mpe and midi 2.0.

It could be connected to Pacarana either by usb or by its trs midi 2.0 output utilising a cable converter to standard midi din. I’m assuming it will therefore connect to the Pacarana in the same way as Linnstrument or Roli Blocks.

Is this assumption correct?

I’m using Kyma on PC

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asked Jan 10, 2021 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by david-holdstock (Practitioner) (300 points)
edited Dec 28, 2021 by david-holdstock
Have you tried plugging it into the Pacarana USB port? Does it show up on the list of MIDI input devices in the DSP Status window?
I would say this assumpution is not wholly correct.  I believe Symbolic Sound worked on a special set of communication protocols with the Linnstrument. I believe Blocks works like any 'standard MPE controller' Assuming the Erea conforms to the MPE standard ( there are lots of grey areas apparently) then it should work as other MPE controllers do. I am not sure about the light feedback for the Erea, perhaps others who have used blocks with Kyma could chip in.
Thank you for your response Simon,
This gives me a better understanding of how MPE devices connect with Kyma

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Connecting the Erae Touch to the Pacarana usb port, it does show up in the list of MIDI input devices of the DSP Status window. Using the MIDI monitor all data is received. There isn’t light feedback from Kyma. MPE options are set in the accompanying Erea Lab app and assigned to Keygrids which can be selected using a button on the Erea Touch.

It behaves like a Linnstrument Wacom hybrid. It has visual layout and tone rounding making it easy to find notes whilst having a large y-axis.

answered Sep 25, 2021 by david-holdstock (Practitioner) (300 points)
edited Dec 28, 2021 by david-holdstock
Thanks for the report, David!