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Data sonification: Wavelet transformation to sound

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Dear Kyma Community,

I am preparing a lecture for the use of data sonification on time series data in the field of digital health. I have done a wavelet transformation on my continious glucose data and now try to sonify such plot.

Please share your creative thoughts and give myself some insights how I could sonify that psychedelic plot :=)


Have a great week




asked 6 days ago in Using Kyma by steckhan (160 points)

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Dear Nico,

Instead of "sonifying the plot", it might be interesting to generate both the plot and the sound from the same data?

How many samples are in your original time series? Could you play the series directly as an audio file (or use it to modulate a synthesis algorithm)?


answered 5 days ago by ssc (Savant) (112,450 points)
There are 8449 rows that represent 1 value each 15 mins meaning over 88 days data. The data is .csv and shows circadian patterns if you look the bottom of the plot above. I would like to understand if I can hear deep pulses (day-night changes) and chirping highs.
Although 8449 samples would go by too quickly at audio sample rates, you could slow it down and use it as a modulator on the frequency or amplitude of a synthesis algorithm (like an oscillator). If the chirp is in the data, you should be able to hear it as an increasing rate of modulation.