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Kyma 7++ ethernet connection

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I updated to Big Sur as well as Kyma 7++ and my FW connection to Pacarana works fine – but not by ethernet connection. I have been using this method to connect for some time with Kyma 7+, Port B, etc. Anyone have this issue? thanks!
asked Jan 20, 2021 in Hardware & Interfaces by andrea-young (210 points)
Are you using the built-in Ethernet of your computer or an adapter? If you are using an adapter, it's possible that the driver for the adapter has to be updated to work with Big Sur.
Thanks, that was the problem.

1 Answer

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If anyone else has this issue after updating to Big Sur:

I tired to use the same Ethernet adaptor and cable to connect to internet, which also didn't work. I created a New Location with this thunderbolt as the only connection (no wifi), which then finally worked. Now it successfully connects laptop to Pacarana.
answered Jan 20, 2021 by andrea-young (210 points)