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Is there a "Wait for note" with IF decision?

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Dear All, Sorry I'm a beginner and need your help. I want to build a timeline with a "wait for note" --. Still, I'd like to use two (or more) inputs (two or more different pitched sound comes from an instrument example c4 and f4) and with two or more outputs (sends different program changes to different markers on the timeline). Is there an "IF" solution? What is your suggestion? Thank you very much! 

asked Jan 29, 2021 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by gabor-erdelyi-jr (160 points)
Are the instruments keyboard instruments or acoustic instruments coming in on the microphone?
Do you want to pause until seeing a particular pitch? Or jump to a marker based on which pitch is detected?
Hi, thank you for your replay!:) I want to build a "game": there are different sounds at the markers (1,2,3,4 etc) An instrument player (eg sax) plays improvisation into the mic. In case the player holds a c4 note, the timeline jumps to the M1, at f4 note jumps to M5 at the "wait for note" prototype. (but I'd like to use random midi sequencer with a moog synth- and the base will jump randomly too) Thanks!
Have you considered building the "musical game" in the Multigrid? It may be better suited for random access(?) One track could maintain the sequencer as a base and the other parts could change over that?

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