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OSC mapping seems raw

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I'm using the IRCAM ToscA plugin to send OSC from Pro Tools to Kyma. Setup was super easy.

However when I 'learn' a controller on the VCS the value is only ever set between 0-1 (the values that I'm sending). It does not get scaled to the range of the control on the VCS.

The OSC log confirms that I'm only sending values between 0-1.

Is there a setting that I've switched by accident? Do I need to format the message in a certain way to get Kyma to do the scaling?

Thanks, Andreas
asked Feb 10, 2021 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by andreas-frostholm (Practitioner) (390 points)

I've switched to using OSCar instead of ToscA

This is the messages I'm sending from OSCar:

'/1/param1' gets mapped correctly to the ranges on the VCS no matter what the ranges are.

BUT '/1/param2' does not - that message sets the VCS value "raw" and does not map to the range of the control.

What am I doing wrong?

Are both parameters faders in the VCS? In other words, is either of them a SoundToGlobalControl Value or GeneratedEvent?
I'm just using 'Freq/Time Scaling Vocoder' for 'An Overview.kym' - so no.
Which parameter has the seemingly raw range? Is it !Frequency? (Seems like that is the only non-[0,1] fader in the VCS...)
That's the weird bit:
My first osc message; /1/param1 will map perfectly to any control regardless of its range so I can map it to frequency AND bandwidth at the same time and the two faders will move in tandem but each respecting their range.
No matter what I assign /1/param1 to the range is always considered.

However anything I assign /1/param2 to is set in this 'raw' way. Always between 0-1 regardless of the range and which VCS control it's assigned to.
This is also the case for any other osc message /1/param3...32
Experimenting a bit more I found this:

It doesn't matter what the osc message is called.
If I reset the OSC map using the helper tool then;
the FIRST osc message will always map correctly in the VCS.

Subsequent osc messages will map in this 'raw' way.

Even if the range on the first mapped VCS is 0-1, the same osc message will map correctly onto other ranges. But ONLY the first received osc message will do this. (the rest only sets values between 0-1)

Does that help?

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Andreas, have you tried to send from Tosca or OSCar the message in the format



so they are immediately recognized by the VCS without need to mapping?
answered Feb 19, 2021 by domenico-cipriani (Master) (3,110 points)