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How do I sequence preset changes (and save the sequence)

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I've been getting into a productive workflow with Kyma recently, where I make an odd sound making patch, explore its different regions saving interesting points as a preset. I then play through the presets almost like notes or samples.

Then to explore the order of preset changes I've been making a preset sequencer using the PresetChange Sound.

The problem I'm coming up against is that PresetChange affects the outer-most VCS, its scope is not limited to an embedded VCS. This means that the sequencer controls (eg the array of faders that set the preset number for each step) must be configured to be unaffected by presets, otherwise the sequence instantly destroys itself on the first move.

But now that I've found several sequences of presets that sound good how can I save them? It feels natural to want to save them in the outer VCS but that doesn't work. Is there another strategy to sequencing presets?

(I know I could send program change messages from an external DAW but I'd rather keep working in Kyma if possible).
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asked Feb 10 in Using Kyma by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (15,220 points)

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Hi Alan, 

As you've pointed out, a preset saves a single value for a parameter, so there is not a way to save a sequence of values for a parameter in a preset. One alternative solution might be to use an InterpolatePresets Sound to sequence through presets of your patch. To select discrete presets (rather than linearly interpolating between them), the Interpolate parameter would be:

!Preset / <number of presets>

and, in the VCS, the range of !Preset would be [0, <number of presets - 1>] with a grid of 1.

Then, in a Timeline, you could record sequences of the preset changes by performing the !Preset control and recording your sequences as a continuous controller in the Timeline.

If you know what the sequences are, you could put them into Arrays in the InterpolatePresets Sound and select them (systematically or at random).


answered Feb 12 by ssc (Savant) (115,770 points)